Friday, October 9, 2009

I need to cover my window

Ok I am having a little problem with my window. It is mirror glass so when you are outside and try to look in, all  you can see is yourself. This is a problem because a total of four birds have flown into the window and killed themselves within a two month period. The other day, I was washing my hands at my kitchen sink and I heard a BOOM at the window. I knew right away what it was. I took off outside and saw the bird lying in the bush but he was still alive!!! He was very scared and shooken up. I grabbed some gloves and got him out of the bush and held him for awhile till his heart was not pounding so hard. I put him in the grass and he flew away like nothing happened. This bird was lucky. I feel bad for the other birds. I am trying to find a way to cover the window to keep the birds safe. Anyone have any ideas? I was thinking mabye hanging plants over it but they could still fly around it!! Let me know if you can think of anything!!! Thanks so much!!! Have a great day guys!!!