Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Birthday Was Amazing

So I could not have asked for a better birthday! Camping was so awesome. My boyfriend and I had an entire campsite to ourselves. We had a fire going, an air mattress blown up near the fire like a couch, smores, munchos (best chips ever) and Sprite Zero. It was great. We took a walk around the campsite trying to reach the haunted house (The Princess Place), but we saw a boar, got scared, sharted everywhere, and went back to the tent. He also took me kayaking eariler in the day which was also fun as hell. We kayaked under a canopy of trees, thought we saw a gator but it was just a chunk of wood lol. We almost got rocked by boats and laughed the whole time. I can honestly say that he is the best boyfriend I have ever had and ever want to have. He truly pays attention to the little things I say and makes them happen for me. He is the best and I could not ask for more!!!!