Thursday, October 1, 2009

My First Post

Hi, my name is Nicole Suder but I like to be called Nikki even though nobody ever really calls me that. I am almost 23 years old and I currently live in Palm Coast, Fl. I have lived in Palm Coast my entire live. It's a very small town that was even smaller when I was growing up. Finding things to do was very hard so you really had to use your imagination. I think that growing up in such a small town was one of the reasons I turned to crafts. I have always loved making things. It does not really matter what it is, I truly enjoy creating something and seeing the end result. Any time I have ever made anything that has come with directions I have always added my own touches. I never like to do things exactly the same way someone else does. I also really enjoy taking something ordinary or old and refinishing it to make into something new and exciting. I think this love came to fruition while working on my first car with my dad. It was a total junker but I had huge plans for it. We painted it, swapped the motor, totally redid the interior and by the time we were done it was something we were both very proud of. I just recently sold my first car and that was very hard to do. I sold it to follow a dream. After working at two jobs I hated and going to college I realized that what I wanted to do in life what right at my fingertips. I love the computer, and I love making things. So I decided that my career goal was to start an internet business selling all things that I can make. Some people think that what I am doing is not smart and thast fine. I am the one who has to live my own life and I am the one that would always wonder what might have been if I didn’t follow my dream. I think people under estimate my desire and my ability to make a dream into a reality. Everything in life can be made into something positive or negative. I learned a long time ago that negativity will get you nowhere. I try not to waste a moment of my life in that state of mind. So, with all that said I recently opened up a store on Etsy called Nikki's Nifftys. When I first opened my store I was not sure what to sell. But after thinking I realized why not sell picture frames. I absolutely love photography and I love that fact that picture frames are a very easy way to transform a room. I think that the right frame can really help to showcase a beautiful picture. All the frames in my store mix vintage styles with bold and exciting colors. I studied color in college while pursing an interior design degree. I learned a lot about how color can make a person feel. It’s a very interesting subject. But in addition to that I love anything bright and colorful. I think that if someone takes the time to imagine a photograph in their minds than take that beautiful picture, edit it and get it printed or print it themselves than it deserves to get attention. Too often I feel frames are just boring, they don't help to draw attention to your photograph. Even if you do find an awesome frame, many times they are way overpriced. I don’t think people should have to pay an arm and a leg for nice frames especially in this current economy. That’s why my store has affordable prices and great styles that are sure to attract attention to your well thought out photographs. And for all of you that keep your photography tucked away for no one to see think about this. “It is hard to learn to live with vivid mental images of scenes I cared for but failed to photograph. Photography is a way of touching, feeling and loving. What you capture on film will be captured forever. It remembers the little things even long after you have forgotten everything. But tell me, what good is a memorable photo if you never take the time to view it?” Don’t leave your important memories trapped in a dusty old shoe box for periodic views. You should be able to view that images that make you happy everyday!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and my new store. I hope that if you have time you can take a look. It on Etsy and its called Nikki’s Nifftys. The direct link is Thanks again so much!!!!